The Band


Vocals – Diana

Music was my passion since I was a kid. As time went by, I listened to musicians who really were an inspiration for me and eventually I developed my own style. I hope that eventually our band will also be inspirational for others, I think this is one of the most important things.


Guitars – Mars

I have been trying to play guitar for a long time now. I might finally have gotten a little better because this band forces me to execute techniques on a higher level than I am used to. I am in love with this music and devote myself to its cause as much as I can. I hope other people love it as much as I do. Maybe I can make them as happy as I make my band mates and myself when we play together.


Drums – Sam

My road through music started years ago, when my passion for metal first emerged. I have been a self-taught, trying to improve my technique the best I could. I love our music and the challenges it involves.


Bass – Dan

I’ve been very fortunate to play in a variety of styles of music over the years. Being a part of Horizon Edge has pushed me to explore sounds, arrangements and subject mater that allow another side of me to grow in music.